The Anaheim Historical Society recently marked the 35th anniversary of its founding in 1976 by two inspired neighbors, Andrew Deneau and Diann Marsh. Since then the AHS has been committed to preserving and protecting our city’s history for future generations.

The AHS was incorporated in May 1978 as a California non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of local history and fostering community pride through the knowledge of those that came before.

Two of Anaheim’s significant historical buildings were nominated by AHS to the National Register of Historic Places. Anaheim’s first “skyscraper”, the 1925 Samuel Kraemer Building and the Anaheim Public Library building, a gift from Andrew Carnegie in 1908. The Society has published several books and has hosted occasional Historic Home Tours to showcase Anaheim’s existing architectural treasures. Special events spotlighting a variety of local historical subjects are planned each year.

We hope you become a member of the Anaheim Historical Society and show your commitment to preserving our city’s very unique history, the people, events, architecture and works of art that define our past, and continue to shape our future.